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Property Management Companies


The roles and responsibilities of a Property Management Company involve the management of personal or commercial property for their clients. Property management involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, and disposition.

Property Management companies help their clients buy, sell, rent and lease their properties, residential or commercial for a professional brokerage fee. The company engages in advertising client’s properties, select prospective candidates and draw up agreements, check on legalities and help their clients close the deal.

A property management company needs information first hand and before the competitor, to stay ahead of the game. WOKKITpro helps you identify properties at a click of a button and on a single platform that will enable you to reach out to your potential clients faster. It also has a repository of all real estate suppliers that will further enable you to manage the property.


  1. Property Management companies have ready access to all classified advertisements specific to real estate vertical.
  2. This feature greatly helps them understand Real Estate rentals, Land prices, Property Sale and Lease rentals area wise, thus offering critical business intelligence before they approach a new client who wants to buy, sell, rent OR lease.



  1. This feature on WOKKITpro helps the Property Management Consultant align with builders to facilitate Buy Sell Rent & Lease for their clients.
  2. The ADVERTISEMENTS feature greatly helps the Developers and Builders with critical business intelligence on how they should package their projects in terms of amenities and price to gain an edge over competition and increase profitability.
  3. Using this feature which offers business intelligence, the Developers and builders can greatly optimise their marketing spends.



  1. Property Management company may need to acquire land or manage a piece of land for clients (Residential/Commercial)
  2. The Public Notice feature of WOKKITpro throws up Demand Notices, Auction Notices, and Lost document notices etc. through Survey number searches, Bank name searches, Property owner name searches, Village name searches, thus helping the developer minimize risk on his capital investment on any land parcel.
  3. The Public Notice feature in the app helps Property Management companies access any public announcements with respect to Real Estate firms’ financial assets & other legal standings.



  1. This feature of WOKKITpro helps a Property Management company access Government Notifications.
  2. The Property Management company, through a Survey number Search, can access any Government acquisition plan on land parcels involving Government infrastructure developments like Roads, Highways, Metro rail, Airports, Bridges, etc.
  3. This feature thus becomes very useful for the Property Management Company in minimizing risk on their client’s capital investments by understanding Government plans on acquisitions and various Government schemes.
  4. Having ready access to Gazettes, which is an authorised legal document by the Government, the Property Management Company helps their clients sav a lot of time and money in case of litigation at a later date.



  1. This unique feature helps Property Management companies have ready access to all relevant Government information with respect to any property.
  2. Relevant Government information includes details of Sub-registrar’s office, Guideline Value of land, Area classification, Collector, MLA, etc., thus facilitating seamless liaison with Government offices on behalf of their clients.This helps save valuable time and money on these activities.



  1. WOKKITpro gives the Property Management Company access targeted PAN INDIA news specific to the Real Estate Industry Vertical.
  2. Real Estate specific news is culled out from over 300 newspaper editions by our team in English and Tamil.
  3. This comprehensive repository of industry specific news helps Property Management company keep themselves updated over a click of a button, thus saving them the laborious task of reading multiple newspapers through a lens on a daily basis.
  4. This feature also gives Property Management company access to location specific news that affects their operations.



  1. WOKKITpro allows you to choose the areas or locations that a Property Management company is interested in and feeds them with area specific News, Classifieds and Advertisements from other Developers, thus facilitating business intelligence for better planning and profitability.
  2. This feature makes available to the Property Management Company all new projects which can be presented to their clients to buy, sell, rent OR lease.



  1. WOKKITpro gives the Property Management company easy access to a comprehensive list of Traders, Suppliers and Service providers in the construction industry.
  2. This helps Property Management companies choose the right vendor for various properties on behalf of their clients.



  1. WOKKITpro’s GET QUOTE feature helps the Property Management companies send request for proposals for building materials and services to the comprehensive community of vendors listed on our app.
  2. The traders and the service providers respond and send quotes through the App.
  3. This feature greatly helps Property Management companies save big on their client’s procurement costs.