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Civil Contractors


The construction industry is the second largest contributor to India’s GDP. Not only does it accompany huge economic potential but is also among the biggest employment providers. According to Government reports, the sector was valued over $126 billion in 2016 and it continues on a steady growth path. It is expected that the value of the real estate and construction market will increase 7 folds by 2028. While all of this seems encouraging, there are innumerable challenges that have been limiting the growth prospects of the construction industry in India.

As a civil contractor, you face many challenges. WOKKITpro can address and help you overcome the following challenges.


Construction industry offers a lot of opportunity for employment but most of it is restricted to manual jobs. Due to the low wage expectancy of workers, who mainly come from the rural areas in search of work, contractors still follow traditional work practices. This doesn’t just reduce the efficiency of the process but also makes it a lot risky. WOKKITpro has a database of labour supplier, who can help you address this issue.


Though the demand for housing and commercial projects in the cities has been increasing, supply is highly limited due to non-availability of land and the rising costs. Having first hand information on available land pockets certainly helps. It’s a game changer for you and can help you win over your that coveted piece of land. We all know that the best real estate projects are always built on prime land. WOKKITpro helps you find that prime land.


WOKKITpro has an extensive list of suppliers in all possible category to meet your requirement.  All you have to do is brose through or post your enquiry. You are assured to get enough quotes to make your decision accurate and to the best interest of the project. You don’t have to spend time and money in search of your supplier, with WOKKITpro the information and quotation reaches you firsthand.


  1. This Gazzette feature of WOKKITpro helps contractor access Government Notifications.
  2. The contractor, through a Survey number Search, can access any Government acquisition plans on land parcels involving government infrastructure developments like Roads, Highways, Metro rail, Airports, Bridges, etc.