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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Company Name: Surya Associates

Industry: Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Challenge: Visibility and dearth of prospective leads on Buy, Sell, Rent & Lease to serve their clients

WOKKITpro Solution:

WOKKITpro ensured that they had all the real estate business information on a single platform. With daily upload of information, they were able to connect with many more property owners. Their network of property consultants and contacts expanded leaps and bounds to close more prospective deals. With information about all the upcoming projects from major builders in the city, they are able to offer their clients who want to buy and rent more choices of properties. They are alarmed of any litigation on any property using the GAZETTE & PUBLIC NOTICE feature of WOKKITpro. Using WOKKITpro, their business is looking North like never before.


Case Study 2

Name: Manigandan

Occupation: Broker

Challenge: Leads of home sellers

WOKKITpro Solution:

With WOKKITpro real time leads on availability of properties in the proffered area of operations, Manigandan was able to approach the clients well in time, ahead of competition and his business started to flourish in just 3 months. WOKKITpro has great advantage for Brokers in real estate profession. They get information at a fraction of cost and that too all at one place.

Manigandan reported an increase of income by 150% after he started to use WOKKITpro.

Case Study 3

Name: Aarti

Occupation: Interior Designer

Challenge: Leads of B2B & B2C looking for Interior Designer Solution

WOKKITpro Solution:

After Aarti started to use WOKKITpro, she was getting first hand information on new project announcements, corporates looking for renting or leasing property, etc. and she started approaching them before anyone else. Very quickly, Aarti started to convert business leads into prospects and eventually into confirmed sales. That’s the power of WOKKITpro.

WOKKITpro is a saviour for anyone associated with Real estate industry. It’s a B2B market place for Real estate professionals who connect with each other.

Case Study 4

Company Name: Arcot Builder

Industry: Builder

Challenge: Finding right vendors for his construction work

WOKKITpro Solution:

A small-time Builder, always was facing challenges for on-boarding vendors for his projects. He was not able to trust the people his managers were suggesting, as most of them had no previous track record nor they had any credible information on the vendor. The Builder was looking for some third party independent source for addressing this challenge. WOKKITpro filled the gap by allowing him to showcase his requirement to many vendors, who in turn were able to bid for the project and eventually he could choose a vendor based on his pricing and quality.

The builder now was able to save 3% on his cost as he was getting competitive bidding from multiple vendors.