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In the present digital age, businesses are evolving rapidly. Our society and businesses have started embracing this transformation of business activities, processes, new business models in a very strategic and prioritized manner to leverage on the opportunities.

As the economy and markets continue to evolve, we all have a choice. We can cry and wail that the sky is falling, or we can become more flexible and continue to develop the skills we’ll need in tomorrow’s economy.

To grow market share and revenue, acquire new customers, comply with new regulations, increase scalability and resilience and to reduce operational costs. WOKKITpro a digital business intelligence tool is a boon for the real estate and education segments.

As a Real Estate agent or a Broker, first-hand information on inventory makes all the difference. What defines your success is information on buyer and seller; the faster the better.

WOKKITpro does that for you. It has made available information specific to real estate businesses on a single platform. WOKKITpro is a repository for all Real Estate industry-related information to seamlessly provide enhanced user experience on a single platform.


  1. Real Estate firms and Brokers have ready access to all classified advertisements specific to real estate vertical.
  2. This feature greatly helps them understand real estate rentals, land prices, property sale and lease rentals area wise, thus helping them serve their clients to buy, sell, rent & lease properties.
  3. This feature also helps them earn their commissions in full from clients in various locations.



  1. This feature on WOKKITpro gives the Real Estate Agent and/or Broker a view into all new projects being launched by various real estate companies.
  2. The ADVERTISEMENTS feature greatly helps the real estate firm or agent to align with all builders who have advertised, for sale of their properties in various locations and close deals quickly.



  1. The MANAGE LOCATIONS feature in WOKKITpro allows every real estate agent or broker to choose up to 5 areas of his/her choice to help their clients buy, sell, rent & lease properties.
  2. All Advertisements, Classifieds and News pertaining to these locations can be easily accessed on WOKKITpro dashboard by the agents for referring to all their prospective clients.